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BSc (Hons) MCIEEM | Senior Ecologist Stacey joined Avian Ecology in 2011, and her specialist areas include EIA and bat survey methodologies and complex data analysis. Stacey works on a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from small and large scale onshore wind energy, solar PV sites, housing, road schemes and barn conversions. Her role includes ecological survey and co-ordination, project management and delivery, provision of advice on planning policy and wildlife legislation, the preparation of EIAs, protected species licencing and mitigation design and implementation. Stacey also has extensive experience in pre-construction data collation and analysis of bat and bird activity at wind farm developments.

Avian Ecology welcomes new Field Ornithologist

Zac Hinchcliffe joins the Cheshire team at Avian Ecology and takes the lead as our field ornithologist. Back in December 2016 we advertised for a new field ornithologist, and detailed what skills we were looking for in the ever-changing ecology industry (Read More) We had a huge response! It was a long and hard recruitment [...]

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Great Crested Newt and District Level Licensing – what does it mean for your projects?

Great Crested Newt and the Woking Approach District level licensing or the 'Woking Approach' (as piloted in Woking in 2016) is a new approach and an alternative to the current site by site great crested newt mitigation and licensing process. The new approach will involve a district wide assessment of newt distribution; using great crested [...]

Bat Surveys at Leyland Mill, Greater Manchester

Avian Ecology undertook a suite of bat surveys at a disused mill in Greater Manchester. Surveys included an Extended Phase 1 habitat survey, preliminary bat roost inspection survey or as its now known a Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA). These surveys highlighted the need for additional bat activity surveys including dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys [...]

Valuing Field Skills in Ecology – Looking for a Field Ornithologist

We're searching for a new field ornithologist. It should be simple to find someone who's suitably qualified and full of enthusiasm for such a great role, shouldn't it? There are lots of young people looking for a way into professional ecology and, like any other career, the usual way is to start at the bottom [...]

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Welcome news as Habitats Directives ‘Fit for Purpose’

This afternoon a 'fitness check' by the European Commission recognised that the European Birds and Habitats Directives are relevant and remain fit for purpose. This means the Directives will not be re-opened but more work is required to ensure the Directives are properly implemented into UK legislation. The Directives are vital to the protection and [...]

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Operational Monitoring of Orchard End Wind Farm in Cumbria

This twin turbine development became operational in early 2013 and the team at Avian Ecology, led by Senior Ornithologist Nicole Robinson, have been monitoring the site in to satisfy planning conditions since autumn 2013, working closely with Natural England and the RSPB to ensure success. The monitoring programme included offsite land management and supplementary food [...]

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It’s not quite the Wildcat I was hoping for…

Avian Ecology have trail cameras set up across numerous sites in England, Scotland and Wales and recently we've been hoping for some glimpses of the rare Scottish Wildcat. Unfortunately the video does not include this elusive species but nevertheless it's always nice to catch close-up videos of inquisitive deer.

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Change ahead for how developers address protected species?

  Natural England is consulting on possible changes to the handling of European protected species (EPS) licensing, aiming to achieve better outcomes for species and reduce costs, delays and uncertainty for developers.   The proposals shift the focus away from protecting individual animals on development sites and towards improving populations in the wider local area; [...]

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New Planning Bill Opens Doors for Development on Brownfield Land

The proposed Housing and Planning Bill 2015-2016 could lead to automatic planning permission on land of high ecological value, but consideration of ecology shouldn’t be overlooked. In October 2015, the Housing and Planning Bill was introduced to the House of Commons, and was ascended to Reporting on 10th December 2015 (with amendments). The Bill, which [...]

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Renewable Energy Generation Denzell Downs Up and Running

Congratulations to Renewable Energy Generation on the commencement of operation of their Denzell Downs wind farm in Cornwall. This five turbine project required detailed assessment of the potential for effects on several species of bats, as well as birds and other wildlife. The application was initially granted permission by Cornwall Council in 2011, but was [...]

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