Clare Dean

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PhD MSc BSc (Hons) | Assistant Ecologist

Clare has wide experience of field ecology. Most of her field experience has involved botanical surveys, invertebrate monitoring (terrestrial and aquatic). She enjoys observing and learning about all types of wildlife but is working towards further developing her botanical skills. Clare is well experienced in botanical surveys and working to identify plants in the field using wildflower and grass keys. She is good at identifying many vascular plant species and understanding what their presence indicates about the wider habitat. Clare joined the National Plant Monitoring Scheme and established her own survey plots. She found it a brilliant source of inspiration and motivation towards expanding her botanical skills.

Clare is also competent in desk-based work in analysing data and presenting findings in a formal manner; getting satisfaction from finding the best way to clearly communicate the key findings of a study. She is the first author on two open access articles, relating to invasive plant ecology, which have subsequently been cited in other articles.