Zac Hinchcliffe joins the Cheshire team at Avian Ecology and takes the lead as our field ornithologist. Back in December 2016 we advertised for a new field ornithologist, and detailed what skills we were looking for in the ever-changing ecology industry (Read More) We had a huge response!

It was a long and hard recruitment process with so many experienced and qualified applicants. As you can see from our previous post, when I say ‘qualifications’ I don’t necessarily mean a degree or Masters in ornithology, as that doesn’t necessarily make you a great field ornithologist. We were looking for someone with passion, enthusiasm and drive to be part of our team, and who had essential field skills which can’t be learnt in a classroom. The type of skills and ‘qualifications’ we were looking for are obtained from years of on-hands experience and a deep knowledge and love of birds and wildlife.

Zac is a lifelong ornithologist, with his passion for ornithology starting from a very young age. His years of birding and ringing birds gave him a sound foundation for formal bachelors and masters qualifications and experience with other previous consultancies. Not only that, he has a clear understanding of the role of a consultant and can operate comfortably in the commercial world.


“I believe I bring an ‘all-rounder’ style to Avian Ecology by using my academic background to producing standardised and strict methodology and using almost a lifetime of expanding my knowledge of birds and nature in general. My birding and professional background provide the drive to always try and learn more and I always strive to get better at what I do “ 


Zac is also a competent habitat surveyor and takes a special interest in invertebrate ID including Lepidoptera, Odonata and hoverflies.

Director Howard Fearn said “We were delighted to receive such a wide response for the role, with academics, consultants and birders all applying. Naturally that made the selection process complex, but there were some excellent candidates. Zac stood out with his passion for the subject combined with a desire to learn and a strong understanding of commercial ecology. I have no doubt he will be an invaluable member of the team this season and beyond.”

We are very pleased to welcome Zac to our team and we look forward to an exciting and busy spring of fieldwork ahead.