Lydia Grubb

IMG-20221213-WA0005 (002)

MSc CIEEM | Senior Ecologist

Lydia is a professional ecologist and has carried out ecological assessments for a wide range of projects including residential, highways, rail, power, flood defence and commercial developments. She is experienced in project management and technical reporting including preliminary ecological assessment, protected species reports, ecological impact assessments for small and large schemes, environmental management plans, habitat creation and management plans and technical appendices for input into larger environmental documents such as environmental statements. She holds Natural England licences for great crested newt licence and barn owl and has obtained her FISC level 3. She excels in the use of QGIS and other GIS software to map and analyse data. Lydia is experienced in carrying out extended phase 1 surveys and protected species surveys including breeding and wintering bird, barn owl, amphibian, badger, otter and bat surveys as well as being an experienced ecological clerk of works.