Our team provides a full range of ecological expertise. We understand the wider legislative, planning and engineering demands of development projects, and work directly for clients or as an integral member of a multi-disciplinary team.   Our Ecologists are all members (Full, Associate or Graduate level) of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and are committed to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct.

<strong>Howard Fearn</strong>
Howard FearnMSc MCIEEM
Howard founded Avian Ecology in 2007 and leads the company’s growth and development. An expert ornithologist and EIA specialist, he has completed numerous EIAs and Habitats Regulations Assessments for large developments.
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<strong>Una Maginn</strong>
Una Maginn MSc MCIEEM
Technical Director
Una has over 25 years’ experience in ecology and EIA management, and delivers mitigation and training for housing, transport and energy infrastructure projects.
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<strong>Andrew Logan </strong>
Andrew Logan BSc(Hons) MSC MCIEEM
Principal Ecologist
Andrew is an experienced ecologist specialising in protected species licensing and mitigation involving negotiations with statutory bodies. He also manages EcIA, BREEAM and CfSH assessments.
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<strong>Nicole Robinson</strong>
Nicole RobinsonMSc ACIEEM
Principal Ornithologist
Nicole is a highly experienced ecologist and ornithologist, delivering ecological impact assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessments. She also holds NIEA protected species licences.
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<strong>Stacey Whiteley</strong>
Stacey WhiteleyBSc(Hons) MCIEEM
Principal Ecologist
An EcIA and protected species specialist, Stacey undertakes ecological impact assessments with a particular focus on the analysis of complex bird and bat activity data for renewable energy schemes.
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<strong>Colin Bonnington</strong>
Colin BonningtonMSc DPhil MCIEEM
Senior Ecologist
Colin has over seven years’ experience as a professional ecological consultant and many more as a field worker.
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<strong>Dan Foy</strong>
Dan FoyBSc(Hons)
Senior Ecologist
Dan has over six years’ experience as a professional ecologist and a further ten years’ experience within the wildlife conservation sector.
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<strong>Beth Walker</strong>
Beth WalkerBSc (Hons) MSc
Senior Ecologist
Beth has over five years’ experience as a professional ecological consultant. She has written numerous baseline ecological reports including Extended Phase 1 habitat surveys/Preliminary ecological appraisals and protected species survey reports…
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<strong>Lizi Pimlott</strong>
Lizi PimlottBSc (Hons) MSc MCIEEM
Senior Ecologist
Lizi joined Avian Ecology as a Senior Ecologist in January 2021. She has worked in ecology consultancy for eight years and has experience in managing large infrastructure and housing schemes
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<strong>Zac Hinchcliffe</strong>
Zac HinchcliffeMRes BSc(Hons)
Field Ornithologist
Zac joined our team in 2017 and is our lead field ornithologist. He is also a capable habitat and protected species surveyor.
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<strong>Fran Tarry</strong>
Fran TarryBSc MCIEEM
Senior Ecologist
Fran has over 12 years’ experience as a professional ecologist and has carried out ecological assessments for a wide range of projects including; residential, highways, rail, power, water and commercial developments
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<strong>Samantha Turner</strong>
Samantha TurnerBSc(Hons) MSc GradCIEEM
With a lifelong enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors, Sam has gained wide ranging voluntary and work experience in conservation and ecological consultancy
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<strong>Felix Mdamu</strong>
Felix MdamuBSc(Hons)
Field Ecologist
Over the years he has had a lot of experience in working on a wide range of projects ranging from large scale railways and roads infrastructure projects to both commercial and small scale residential developments.Read more…
<strong>Andrew Hulme</strong>
Andrew HulmeBSc(Hons)
Andrew joined our team in early 2017 as a highly competent field ecologist capable of undertaking protected species and habitat surveys and Ecological Clerk of Works supervision on construction sites.
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<strong>Mark Risk</strong>
Mark RiskBSc(Hons)
GIS and Graphic Design Specialist
Mark is Avian Ecology’s lead GIS specialist whose main role involves compiling and managing complex data sets and assists the team in presenting and preparing the graphics they need.
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<strong>Rachel Hughes</strong>
Rachel HughesAAT
Office and Finance Manager
Rachel is tasked with the smooth running of the office and finances within Avian Ecology. She also leads administration and health and safety implementation for the team.
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<strong>Jemma O'Neill</strong>
Jemma O'Neill
Office and Finance Assistant
Jemma joined the team in January 2020. She deals with all things finance and organisation within the company to support the smooth running of Avian Ecology.
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