Project Description

From Former Golf Course, Now Multi Use Development | Lancashire

Previous proposals for the re-development of land at the former Ingol Golf Course had been challenging and ultimately unsuccessful, so Avian Ecology was recruited to take a fresh look at the site as part of a new proposal combining extensive public open space, sports facilities and housing. From the offset we were aware that the site presented significant ecological challenges, particularly from a well-established population of protected great crested newts. Early consultations with the council’s ecological advisors enabled a proportionate and robust scope of survey works, minimising planning risk whilst keeping costs as low as possible. These consultations continued throughout the ecological impact assessment process up until approval at planning, demonstrating the importance of early positive engagement with decision makers.

The now consented development, which includes a new training facility for the Preston North End football team and up to 450 new houses, includes open green space and managed wildlife habitat. As part of the phased development, Avian Ecology has also advised on practical and workable habitat creation and management measures including new ponds and areas set-aside for great crested newts, and careful lighting and roadway design to protect identified bat flight corridors. A detailed Habitat and Landscape Management Plan and Construction Environmental Management Plan were also prepared to guide the development in accordance with Local Authority’s requirements, ensuring an overall net biodiversity gain in accordance with government planning policy.

Once planning permission was obtained, Avian Ecology continued to work closely with client teams involved in the wider development and successfully obtained a European Protected Species licence from Natural England and has also provided Ecological Clerks (ECoW) supervision support for the first phase of works.


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