Avian Ecology, working with Cass Associates of Liverpool, was recently appointed to undertake ecological appraisals within the Knowsley Safari Park complex near Liverpool. These were needed to inform two separate planning applications; one for a brand-new tiger enclosure and the other a ‘safari lodge’ rest area where park visitors can overlook the site from the comfort of a restaurant. These projects will enhance the safari park for visitors and the animal residents, but have also been designed to include biodiversity enhancements for local wildlife. Our ecological appraisals considered the usual mix of habitats, protected sites and notable species, but with an unusual addition of the potential for effects on native wildlife and habitats from the tigers! It’s the first time our field ecologists have been accompanied by a park ranger to keep inquisitive zebras at bay during a survey, and monitoring effects and biodiversity benefits over the longer term may be trickier than usual once the tigers are released!

The applications were submitted to Knowsley Council in late November and a decision is awaited.